Willkomen to Kyllburg, Germany!

In the Fall of 2010, the City of Pierz joined partners with Kyllburg, Germany to form a Sister City partnership that will explore economic development, tourism, community development, and cultural traits between the two communities. 


Kyllburg, Germany is located in western Germany, near the French border.  It is located on the Kyll River, which eventually joins the Rhine River.  Kyllburg is located in the Eifel area and is approximately 30 miles north of the metropolis of Bitburg.  Kyllburg boasts a beautiful river town, tucked in the valley and hills of the Kyll.


In March, 2011, the City had the pleasure to have a resident visit Kyllburg and the Mayor himself, Mr. Wolfgang Kramer.  In this resident's visit, they explored the community of Kyllburg and took many pictures.  They also brought back a gift for the City Council from the Parliament of Kyllburg.  The following video details different aspects of the City and provides many pictures of their visit.

Kyllburg, Germany Short video with information and photos from the trip to Kyllburg.