Economic Development Authority

As a City interested in growth, job creation, and job retention Pierz has many business subsidy programs available to both existing and prospective businesses.

We work very closely with Morrison County Community Development and the Small Business Development Corporation to make sure your transition is a sensible one for all parties involved. 

Programs offered by Pierz's EDA to local businesses include but are not limited to:

- Tax Increment Financing

- Intermediary Relending Program (Revolving Loan Program)

- Tax Abatement

Our Pierz EDA Brochure below provides a brief overview of what the EDA is all about.  From there, our business subsidy application is a starting point when asking for financial assistance from the City. Also, please review the EDA Policy to have a better understanding of what is allowed under an EDA loan. 

Have a certain piece of land in mind and aren't sure what types of businesses are permitted to operate there? Visit the City Code section on this website and check out Chapter 14 Zoning Ordinances to find out what types of businesses are zoned for that area.

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