City Electric Policy

This policy applies to each resident who has an electric account open with the City, please take a moment to read it.

Sidewalk Policy

The purpose of this policy is to encourage off-road travel for pedestrians. It is the policy of the City of Pierz to minimize potential safety hazards for its citizens.  This policy promotes public involvement in the addition, restoration, and replacement of sidewalks as they pertain to both the value of adjacent properties and neighborhoods in general. This policy creates and establishes the community’s process in handling all foreseeable issues pertaining to sidewalks in the right of way.

Building Inspection

Pierz uses Inspection Services of Central Minnesota for any necessary building inspections within the city. Contact David Barsody, 877-533-3629, if you have questions regarding building inspection.

Building Permit

The City of Pierz requires permits for most home and property projects. Please stop in at City Hall to pick one up or print one from here. If you are in question whether or not your project needs a permit, please contact City Hall at (320)468-6471

Building Permit

Concrete Permit

The City requires a concrete permit for any concrete project new or existing. Please fill out and return to City Hall prior to the start of the project.

Fence Permit

The City requires a fence permit. Please fill out and return to City Hall prior to the start of the project.

Mailbox Placement Application

If an address has been approved for delivery by the US Postal Service, an application may be filled out to place a mailbox on the resident's property.

Right of Way Permit

Are you completing a project in the Right of Way? Please fill out this permit and return to City Hall for review prior to the start of the project.

Zoning Map

Not sure what your property is zoned? Take a look at our zoning map.

Rezone Application

Need to change how your property is zoned? Fill out the application and return it to City Hall for review from Planning and Zoning.

Subdivision Application

Any subdivision of land within the City of Pierz must be subdivided in accordance with the rules and procedures set forth by the City of Pierz Subdivision Ordinance. Please fill this out and return it to City Hall.

Variance Request Application

A Variance Request may be needed if your building permit has been denied.  In order to request a variance, it must meet the following requirements:

1)     Unique Circumstances – Something about a person’s specific PROPERTY is unique and because of it being unique, a variance is necessary for a reasonable use.

2)     Reasonable Use – the item being requested for on the PROPERTY is something that is reasonable to request and not excessive or unnecessary and similar to other property owners characteristics.

3)     Characteristics – the item being requested for on the PROPERTY will not alter characteristics of the neighborhood.

Please contact City Hall if you think you may need to request a variance.

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