Voter Information

Where do I Vote?

If you are unsure of where your polling place is, you may use the link below for assistance.

Find your polling place here


Am I eligible to vote?

Click here to see if you are eligible to vote.


Does my employer have to give me time off to vote?

Yes! Read the statue here.


How do I register to vote online?

Click here to register.


How do I register to vote by paper application?

Click here to print an application.


Where do I find an Absentee Ballot Application?

Print your absentee ballot application here.


How do I request an Absentee Ballot online?

You can vote early and even track your ballot. Click here to learn how.

Military or Overseas Citizens Absentee Ballot Request

Click here for your ballot application.


What's on my ballot?

Click here to find out what is on your ballot.
**Only available 45 days before an election.