Electric Outage

My Electric is out, what do I do?

Please call Eric Gaffke, Public Works on his cell at 320.429.1677 


Where can I get assistance?
For assistance and resources available regarding housing, financial assistance, transportation assistance, food, clothing, healthcare, or family resources please contact Morrison County United Way at 2-1-1 or (320) 632-5102.  For assistance with electric payment, please contact Tri-CAP at (320) 251-1612 or 1-888-765-5597.




Who assigns addresses?

The City of Pierz assigns individual property addresses.  Please be sure your address is visible to emergency crews.  Contact City Hall at (320) 468-6471 for information regarding addressing.


Animal Licensing

Does the City Of Pierz license animals or pets?  A license is required for every dog within City limits.  Licenses are renewable every year on January 1st. Licenses are $10 if renewed before January 1st, and $20 if renewed after.  Residents will be notified prior to January 1st via mail that the licensing renewal is due.

No license is required for cats.

How many dogs can I have? 


Animals at large? 

The City prohibits animals running at large.  All animals must be restrained by leash, chain or kennel when not under direct supervision and control of the owner.


Area Churches

What churches are in the area and how can I contact them?


St. Joseph's Catholic Church: 68 Main Street N   (320) 468-6033

Fellowship Bible Church: PO Box 601 Pierz, MN 56364 (320) 630-3210


St. Micheal's Catholic Church: (320) 468-2211 or (320) 468-2316


St. Edward's Church: (320) 573-2975 or (320) 573-3975


Holy Family Parish: (320) 277-3386 or (320) 277-6111

Immanuel Lutheran Church: (320) 277-3939

Lake View Community Church: (320) 277-3342

Saint Rita's Parish: (320) 277-3807


Bologna Days

When is Bologna Days?

Every Wednesday: Red Rooster Bar & Grill in Genola

Every Thursday: Pat's Bar & Grill in Pierz


Building Permits

Do I need a Building Permit?

Yes, depending on the type of project, different permits and fees may be required.

Projects that require a permit (not all are listed): New Construction, addition, remodel, reroofing, windows, doors, plumbing, electrical, concrete, fence, mailbox, heating, deck, residing.

Please contact City Hall if you are unsure if your project needs a permit.

To reach the building inspector please contact David Barsody, at (612) 219-2252

There is also a printable application for some permits in the Forms and Fees section of this website.


License Plates and Tabs

Where do I renew my driver's license or purchase vehicle license plates or tabs?

Morrison County Government Center: 213 SE 1st Ave., Little Falls

Drivers License and fee division: (320) 632-0115

Medical Facilities

Where is a Clinic and how do I contact them?

Pierz Community Medical Center: (320) 468-2536

Pierz Family Clinic: (320) 468-2587

Pierz Villa Nursing Home: (320) 468-6405

Where is the nearest Hospital?

St Gabriel's Hospital, Little Falls: (320) 632-5441


Medication Disposal

Unused or expired medication can be safely disposed of by putting it in the drop box located in City Hall.

Public Nuisance

Who do I contact in the case of a Public Nuisance?

i.e. Unlicensed and/or inoperable vehicles, noxious weeds, outdoor storage appliances, etc.

Please Contact City Hall:(320) 468-6471 and ask for the City Administrator or Police Chief.


Recreational Fires

Can I have a recreational fire?

City Code allows recreational fires, burning clean fuels (i.e. no paper, cardboard, plastics, tires, garbage, etc.) at a maximum of 3-feet in diameter and 3-feet in height.  All recreational fires must be located at a minimum of 50-feet from structures.

Please refer to your homeowners fire insurance policy for specific recreational fire restrictions.


What type of rental housing is available in Pierz?

There is a variety of rental housing available in Pierz, ranging from subsidized to market rate to senior housing.  Contact City Hall for contact information for landlords - (320) 468-6471.

If you live within city limits and would like to rent your house out, you will need to apply for a Rental Property License. 


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