Electric is billed through the City of Pierz.  Questions regarding electric can be directed to City Hall, (320) 468-6471.  For power outages, contact Eric Gaffke at (320) 429-1677.

The Cold Weather Rule is in effect from October 15 to April 15, you will need to take the proper steps in order for the CWR to be applicable. Check the Forms + Fees page for more information.

Click here to view the City Electric Policy.

**Don't forget to notify the City of Pierz if your address has changed or if you are moving into or out of the city! You may be responsible for any late charges or penalties if the city is not notified that you are no longer at the residence.

Need help deciding which light bulb is best for your home? Take a look at our Right Light Guide.



Garbage and Recycling are also billed through the City of Pierz, and are picked up by Pierz Sanitation.  For questions regarding billing, contact City Hall at (320) 468-6471.  For any other questions about garbage or recycling, contact Pierz Sanitation at (320) 468-6622.

Click here to view a list of what can/cannot be recycled.



Rich Prairie Sewer and Water District, (320) 468-0268

Billing Questions please contact City Hall (320)468-6471   

The link to view the annual Consumer Confidence Report is on the home page of city's website



CenturyLink,  Residential:  800-201-4099 / Business: 800-201-4102

Vonage, 1-888-218-9015

Midcontinent,  1-800-888-1300


Natural Gas

CenterPoint,  1-800-245-2377


Cable TV

MidContinent Communications,  1-800-888-1300


Dish TV, 1-888-656-2461

Prism TV (CenturyLink)



CenturyLink, Initial internet Sign up: 1-800-201-4099  or  Internet technical support: 1-800-809-1410

MidContinent Communications, 1-800-888-1300

Fallsnet,  320-616-2166

Exede, 1-855-627-2553

HughesNet, 1-877-715-4820